I started telling stories/dreams(mine) "I dream for the world" I
would say to anyone who would listen, acting them out,
performing them. incanting, conjuring.
Could this be a clean, an unencumbered, link to my soul, between
our souls.
Could I, by revealing my self, the dark the light, the well which is
my being,
would I finally succeed in showing you beauty, I see,
would we be able to hold it in our hands. Regard it
smile in our mutual recognition of it/ourselves.

A question, however, haunts me. One of legitimacy
If I was renowned, the banks rolling in my dough , awards/recognition
up the ass. if you weren't encumbered by the history you know?
What then?
Would the adventures, the lies, fabricated lust, the dreams,
resonate truer?

though you have not asked this of me
I have taken it upon myself
though you may not want or need this
I will take this journey in your honor
this after all is what art making and
being and artist is for me
there is no other way

Bitter Sweet Dreams
Carl Affarian